Software Development

I have been writing computer programs and making software since I was in primary school, and I have worked in the industry for 17 years.

I bring a fresh, innovative approach to software projects large and small.

  • 17 years of professional coding: C, JavaScript, Python, Shell, Perl, Java, C++
  • *nix devops, systems, networking, data processing, tools, AI
  • web app and database development: Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, Sybase
  • debugging, maintaining, repairing, and deploying difficult software
  • math, physics, modular design: "Simplicity, Clarity, Generality!"
  • enthusiasm, innovation, and careful attention to detail
  • SDL, OpenGL, 2D and 3D graphics, music synthesis
  • I enjoy teaching, tutoring, mentoring for programming, math, and physics.

My Resume


I am offering online tutoring with math, computer programming, physics, English, and other subjects, from primary to VCE level, and up to professional level with programming.

I have a strong background in math and computing, and I'm studying education support and childcare. I have a current working with children check.

I'm charging $40/hr for one-on-one tutoring, or $30/hr concession. The first hour is free, so you can see if it works for you.

In addition to the school curriculum, I can help enthusiastic students with extension math work, including applied math for computer programming and game development, learning math before it's covered at school, preparing for the Australian Mathematics Competition, and the Mathematical Olympiad program.

Please let me know if you're interested.

Learn Coding Today!

Coding is fun, like doing puzzles, creative, rewarding.

We'll write fun, useful programs from the beginning, with graphics, sound, net, algorithms, processing, math...

Learning to code is fun... I teach to your interests.

  • Musician? let's make a new effects processor.
  • Gamer? we can make games!
  • Demos and screensavers are fun, quick, and easy.
  • If you study physics, let's do some simulations.
  • Comms and graphics? let's build a graphical wiki.
  • Learning a language? Vocab by reading, translating chat.
  • I have lots of ideas, and I'm sure you do too.

I can help you find paid work, and assist you to do it.

Programming is a great way to learn math and physics. You can use what you learn to do fun things with graphics, sound, games, simulations... Your non-mathsy friends might be impressed: "WOW! look at that!"; not the response you'd get with a bunch of equations.


Sam Watkins Sam

tel: (+61) 0423 975 531


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My Resume

IT Support

I am a computer expert, and I can help you:

  • Get your computers and networks working right.
  • Set up web pages and apps.
  • Build your community or business presence online and on social media.
  • Create simple apps and tools to solve problems.
Life Coaching

I am offering a "pay what you feel" life coaching service. I can meet you in Melbourne, Australia, or help you remotely online.

You can get free coaching now, without having to pay anything. When you achieve your goals, you can pay me back then, if you feel like it.

I can assist you to improve many aspects of your life, including:

  • positive attitude and visualisation
  • sleep and mental health
  • physical and mental fitness
  • diet and nutrition
  • relationships and family
  • business planning
  • life goals and project management
  • building good habits
  • overcoming addiction and bad habits
  • financial competence, wealth, and prosperity

Please call or send a message today, and let me help you continue on your journey to a better life.